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I'm Steven Anthony Kimbell - I'm a Wildlife, Nature and Underwater Photographer and also a passionate, 20 year plus PADI Master SCUBA Diving Instructor Trainer. Some of my other skills include teaching Emergency First Response courses up to and including Instructor level, look here EFR and also OSHA Instructor and General Industry courses. I was born and raised in England. In 1991 I permanently relocated to the Cayman Islands with my wife and lovely baby daughter, Jo. Since then I have worked and travelled to many islands and countries. Currently I'm based in both the Cayman Islands (BWI) and California, USA. I travel extensively which accommodates my photography and diving passions. I support several international conservation programs and I have taken part in many. My favorite camera is my NIKON D800. I believe you will enjoy my images and I look forward to communicating with you, either through this website or feel free to Contact me. If you're interested in training, click on the links above.Home

Black bear. The end of a great day driving through 'Yellowstone'